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As a producer, Laura supports artists working across dance, live art and contemporary performance as well as work that is multidisciplinary or sits at the intersections of different forms. Laura is particularly interested in accessible, care filled and sustainable approaches to producing and collaborating with artists. They work as an independent freelance producer and together with their long term collaborator Caitlin Fairlie, under the collective name POWERHAUS.

POWERHAUS support emerging or early career artists (recognising that artists have many different routes into professional practice and that early career artists can be of any age) through producing events and offering artist support. POWERHAUS prioritise artists who are female, femme, non binary and those with gender identities which are currently underrepresented or experience marginalisation.

In 2019 POWERHAUS were selected for the Emerging Pr
oducers Development Programme with Edinburgh Fringe. Laura was a recipient of a Federation of Scottish Theatre Producer Bursary between Dec 2019 and May 2020, supporting a placement with The Work Room, developing an artist led model for a dance scratch event. Laura currently works for The Work Room in an Associate Producer role, on a freelance, part time basis.

Current and Past Projects

Producer - development & presentation of Pain and I by Sarah Hopfinger at Summerhall, Edinburgh as part of Made in Scotland showcase. (03-28 Aug 2022)

Producer - R&D 'brut' (working title) by Aby Watson Unlimited Commissions R&D Award 2021 

Producer ‘Welcome to Our Space’ webinar

part of The Time Is Now by National Dance Network and One Dance UK. Hosted by The Work Room 

Producer The Work Room

Federation of Scottish Theatre Producer Placement (part time December 2019 - May 2020)

Co-Producer (POWERHAUS) Into The New 2020

Graduate Festival of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland’s Contemporary Performance Practice Programme

The Pearce Institute, Glasgow (October 2019 -April 2020)

Co-Producer ReCollection Performance Zine' commissioned by The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland with support from the New Atheneum Award. (Published by Sunday Print Service at Good Press 19th March 2020)


Office & Studio Support The Work Room, Glasgow (June – August 2019) & during Dance International Glasgow (Sept - October 2019) 

Producer 'Beige B*tch' by Nima Sene

development and presentation at Take Me Somewhere/CCA (May 2019)  

Event Manager Dear Europe by National Theatre of Scotland

SWG3, Glasgow (March 2019) 

Event Manager Glasgow International Opening Party & Exhibitions, SWG3 Glasgow (April 2018) 

Co-Producer Into the New 2018 Graduate Festival of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland’s Contemporary Performance Practice students (June 2017- February 2018)

Curator POWERHAUS Immersive live art club night celebrating femme spaces for performance, SWG3, Glasgow (February 2018)  

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