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Birds I View

Performance The Chandler Studio Theatre, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow, Scotland.

première: 11th May 2017

birds I view

A collaboration between artists, technology and material presented by Samantha Son-Dokidis, Laura Fisher, Chloe Stephen and Charneh Watson.

Look down on
Move near to.


Birds I View from a safe distance.

The curve of a wine glass
Her sillouette
The trickle of water
Of stream
Of wet lips.



Birds I View in silence.

From the shadows
From beneath the skirt
From where I lay in the wings
On screen

Birds I View with prudish tight lips, pursed as if sucking on bitter grapefruit.
Birds I View shrieking.
Birds I View with distain.

A breath of wind
A summer breeze
A gasp of pleasure
A sigh of relief
The sky in a puddle
A Birdseye View.

Birds I View...

Birds I View.jpg
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