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enter the     /move through    /take up    /leave

Performance The Galvinizers SWG3 Glasgow, Scotland.

première: June 2018

enter the     /move through    /take up    /leave

A site specific performance work by Laura Fisher, made for the Galvanizers; a 6000 square-foot former ship years turned night club and exhibition space at SWG3 Glasgow.

An exploration into the performativity of air and space using movement, smoke, light, sound, sculpture, bodies and breath; this is a choreography of material elements that considers how a space choreographs the body and how bodies can choreograph space.

Developed in response to the site and in collaboration with the artists experiential understanding of space and their personal archive of memory, enter the     /move through     /take up      /leave is offered to the audience as a gentle meditation into power, space and place.


enter the move through take up leave. a3

enter the   / move through    /take up     / leave     @ SWG3 Galvanizers. June 2018

enter the move through take up leave. a3

Choreographed by  Laura Fisher

Performed by Daisy Alexander, Angela Legg, Elizabeth Malnar, Nina Mdwaba, Sara Paloma, Nuria Riba Rossy & Charneh Watson.

Mentored By Rachel O'Neill

Performance Design & Construction Laura Fisher

Assistant Design & Construction Alisa Kalyanova

Structural Design Daniel Main

Lighting Design Pete McDermott

Costuming Alysia Kalyanova

Production Assistance Erfan Shojanoori

Supported by SWG3 Arts, Nautilus Rising & The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

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