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Research Presentation Present Futures Digital 

dates: February 2021

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Present Futures Associateship Artist 2021

"Colette Sadler (Stammer Productions) in association with Feral are supporting X3 Scottish based artists within the first 5 years of their professional practice as part of Present Futures Digital 2021. Each Associateship will offer a tailored package encompassing a research and development bursary, residency space, mentorship and an opportunity to present research and or be part of an artist panel over the festival weekend. Artist Associateships have a focus or enquiry that speaks to the curatorial thematics of Present Futures Digital 2021."

The Associateship Programme was supported by:

 Creative Scotland

 The Work Room,

Centre for Contemporary Arts

 Goethe-Institut Glasgow

 Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

and Tramway.


Through the Present Futures Associateship, Laura spent time investigating movement practices and approaches to <body>heat generation and exchange between their body and sheet copper metal during movement and rest.


Using thermal imaging to record, document and instigate an approach to working with the metal, Laura attempted to combine thermographic and somatic information to develop a choreographic relationship with the material; studying the effects that heating and cooling have on their disabled body and the copper to enable movement.


This research comprises the initial stages of development for a new work FORGED (in the tender heat of your embrace) in which Laura will durationally perform with the copper metal, bending, heating, cooling, resting and imprinting on one another over time.




At Present Futures Digital 2021, Laura presented on their research via an online research presentation titled:


This research presentation shared insights into Laura's pain informed approach to working with materials and technology in the recent research and development of a new performance work exploring heat generation and exchange between body and sheet metal.


Laura reflected on the role thermal imaging technology had played in the choreographic process; their thermographically reproduced disabled body as a visible site for pain and pleasure and Human X Material choreographic relations through the lens of the social model for disability.

About Laura Fisher:

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