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Beige B*tch

by Nima Séne

Supported by The Work Room, Glasgow & Contact, Manchester

"Beige B*tch is an explosive mix of live art, movement and film that tells the story of a black woman’s quest for cultural and aesthetic belonging.

Through her TV show alter-ego, Nima Séne asks what it means to be both ‘beige’ and black and sends up everything from YouTube workout tutorials to conservative ideals of beauty in the process."

Image Credit: Daniel Hughes

co-founder & producer


artists collective and immersive live art club night established by Caitlin Fairlie & Laura Fisher

POWERHAUS as a collective, are interested in the dynamics of club spaces and how events can be curated to elevate femme energies, promote artistic collaboration between womxn and provide a supported platform to artists working in music, visual and performance art in nightclub contexts. We strive to create safe, curated and consensual spaces for artists and audiences.

Image Credit: David Mar Photography


Image Credit: Emmi Hakka

Sirens Call

Concept and choreography by Laura Fisher

Visuals by Emmi Hakka

"Sirens Call is a short conceptual dance film, shot on the shores of Arran, Scotland in April 2017. The work frames the movement of the shoreline as dance and the body as landscape. Between image and words, tale and tide a choreography is woven between woman and sea."

This work will be developed and re-edited for submission to film festivals in 2018/19.

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