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Immersive Live Art Club Night and Into the New Festival Closing Party.

SWG3, Glasgow. February 2018

produced in collaboration with Caitlin Fairlie

“POWERHAUS is the closing party for Into the New festival of contemporary performance, celebrating the daily acts of endurance through installation, live performance and four hours of dancing together. This party is an interrogation of sleepless city living, corporate exhaustion and how the 9-5 working day drives the 11-3 part scene. Featuring contributions from CPP alumni and students and a four hour set from DJ Sofay. POWERHAUS is a creative collaboration between the festivals student producers, Caitlin Fairlie and Laura Fisher, that places contemporary performance and art in the context of a club environment.”

into the new 2018

Ba (Hons) Contemporary Performance Practice Degree Show and Festival of Contemporary Performance. Govan, Glasgow Januray 2018

co-produced in collaboration with Caitlin Fairlie

mentored by Lucy Gaizely

“Returning to the Pearce Institute for the third time in January, Into the New is the festival for the (BA Hons) Contemporary Performance Practice programme. Exploring radical practices and identity from intimate one to ones to immersive live art; this year's festival is set to be one of the most dynamic, thought provoking and challenging yet. The degree shows this year dig deep into the details of their most intimate domestic relationships, navigate todays political landscapes and grapple with the vast realms of fantasy, spirituality and personal mythology. Expect provocative ideas, radical silences and beautiful chaos from a vibrant group of Scotland’s most exciting emerging artists.”


Design Credit: Laura Fisher

co-producer & programmer

to heave your guts up

Into the New Festival Symposium, 2018

co-produced in collaboration with Caitlin Fairlie

“This research symposium brings to the table a fresh examination of what it means to be radical today.  As we navigate a course of discussion and action around radical practices, this event is a call to arms for critical reflection. The evening will include contributions from Cat Boyd, Sulaïman Majali, Anthony Schrag, Kim Simpson and Selina Thompson. Be prepared to (re)examine your intentions, check your privilege (and then check it again), shine a light on the institutions that hold us, interrogate our radical practices and engage in open and honest discourse as we attempt to collectively move towards a better understanding of what it truly means to be radical today.”

Image Credit: Laura Fisher


collaborator & performer

birds i view

Chandler Studio Theatre, Glasgow

May 2017

"birds i view is a collaborative performance between four females that shows a conscious and considered view of the female body. With the use of technology, we playfully explore and embrace the female gaze as subject and object through visual metaphors, live soundscapes and choreography."

Devised and performed in collaboration by:

Samantha Alexa, Laura Fisher, Chloe Stephens and Charneh Watson

Image Credit: Holly May Photography

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